Kuldip (ESFA)

Qualification achievement rates (QARs) 2020 to 2021 - update


The R12 in-year Qualification Achievement Rates (QARs) dashboards are now available via the View Your Education Data portal.  Alongside the dashboard, we also provide data extracts to show achievement rates, pass rates and retention rates to match those in the QAR dashboard.  The data extracts identify the learners expected to complete or that actually completed over the multiple funding years used to produce the QAR dataset for 2020 to 2021.  If you have any QAR queries, please reference the data from the data extracts and complete the data query form which can be downloaded from GOV.UK.  This can then be submitted via our online enquiry form, selecting the QAR query type, and assigning the query to ‘ESFA Business Operations QAR’.   To note, as QARs were not published for 2019 to 2020, this hybrid end year is not included in the data extracts.


This in-year release provides indicative QARs for apprenticeships, education and training and traineeships and the opportunity to identify and resolve potential data issues prior to the ILR R14 hard close on 21 October 2021.  Guidance for reviewing data based on the common data issues that arise is available on the qualification achievement rates 2020 to 2021 webpage.   Please review your ILR data before you make your final R14 submission as you will not be able to amend your 2020 to 2021 data after the R14 hard close.


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My dashboard has updated, but I don't seem to have my R12 extracts for download?

Paul Taylor

Ditto - we don't have the data extracts either.

Lisa Pike

Same, still just have the R11 spreadsheet - any ideas when we will get the R12 one so we can reconcile?


Kuldip (ESFA)

Hi all, thank you for your posts. Please see a message from the QAR team:

Apologies, we've investigated the problem and found a refresh issue. The R12 extracts should be there now, please try again and let us know if you are still experiencing any issues.


Thanks Kuldip!

My R12 data is there now.

Judy McConnel

Kuldip I've clicked QAR-10024055-2021-InYear_R12-V1.zip file which was uploaded to VYED on 27th August 2021 but it has a folder for Traineeships ... which we haven't run for several years! Is this normal? 

I've also checked several ULNs across the ET spreadsheet and again I'm finding learners from 2017 onwards. 

Have I misunderstood the data set or have we a problem?




Hi Judy

Bit of both! The dataset usually includes up to five years of data (although there's a big 2019-shaped gap in this years) so it can give you three years of rates, so there being learners back to 2017 isn't an issue.

I suspect you'll find the traineeship spreadsheet is either completely empty or only has old learners on.

Judy McConnel

Thanks Steveh!

It was the Academic_Year column that had thrown me with everyone showing as 2020/21. 

You're also correct that the Traineeship spreadsheet just has old learners on it so mystery solved :-)

Thanks, Judy