Su Roberts

R107 Destination and Progression


Hi All,


We have this FIS error Learner destination and progression record' is missing. You must return the 'learner destination and progression' record within two months of the 'learning actual end date'. Make sure the 'learner destination and progression' information is included within two months of the 'learning actual end date'

We have a learner that failed their exam and has no progression to report at all (we have also spoken to them) We put 'no outcome in 20/21' for them, but still have the FIS error. Any idea as to how i can get rid of it? The learner has done no other learning with us this year, and withdrew from the course (FM 35)

Thanks in advance for your help. 


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Martin West

They will have had a destination either EMP or NPE and you can also use OTH as appropriate.

Su Roberts

Thank you Martin, this learner was employed 31 plus hours before the course started so we have this on his employment tab. So can I put that on again on his D & P? We've tried to find an OTH category that fit but none of them do. We tried OTH-10 No outcome in 2020/21 but that didn't clear the error.  

Martin West

There is no code 10 for OTH, it can only 1,3 or 4 for not listed, unable to contact or not known.

Su Roberts

Thanks Martin, so would be ok to put employed in the learners D&P if they were already employed 31 hours plus before they started the course (ie no progression, but a destination?)

? Sadly none of the OTH or NPE categories fit.

Martin West

They have not included the code list in the 21/22 ILR Specifications it should be:

Type      Code     Definition            Valid to

EDU       1              Traineeship       

EDU       2              Apprenticeship

EDU       3              Supported Internship    

EDU       4              Other FE* (Full-time)     

EDU       5              Other FE* (Part-time)   

EDU       6              HE          

EDU       7-8          Unassigned       

EMP       1              In paid employment for 16 hours or more per week        

EMP       2              In paid employment for less than 16 hours per week      

EMP       4              Self-employed for 16 hours or more per week   

EMP       5              Self-employed for less than 16 hours per week  

GAP       1              Gap year before starting HE        

NPE        1              Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to start work     

NPE        2              Not in paid employment, not looking for work and/or not available to start work (including retired)               

OTH       1              Other outcome - not listed          

OTH       2              Not reported     2015-07-31

OTH       3              Unable to contact learner            

OTH       4              Not known         

SDE        1              Supported independent living   

SDE        2              Independent living         

SDE        3              Learner returning home

SDE        4              Long term residential placement              

VOL        1              Voluntary work

Su Roberts

Thank you Martin, I really appreciate your help, but my issue is more around what to do when none of the categories given fit ie. when there has been no change whatsoever for the learner. Luckily this is very rare.  

Martin West

There does not have to be a change to capture destination/progression, as an example a FE learner may return the next year to undertake another FE course while at the same time have an employment destination.

The default where there has been no change whatsoever is an outcome record of employment either EMP or NPE as applicable.

It is indicated that you should return all codes that relate to the learner excepting for Apprenticeships where the following applies.

If an outcome code of EDU2 "Apprenticeship" is used, an outcome record of employment does not also need to be recorded.

Su Roberts

Thank you Martin, super helpful.


Jessica De Melo

Hi Both

Do we need to record D&P for learners who withdraw?

Martin West

Yes you record the destination of the learner when they have completed or withdrawn from the activities on their original learning agreement or plan, but the collection requirements are only for:

16-19 excluding Apprenticeships (FundModel 25)

Adult Skills (FundModel 35)

ESF (FundModel 70)

Other Adult (FundModel 81) but not (FundModel 81 and ProgType 25)

Non ‘apprenticeship service’ apprenticeship, funded by ESFA (FundModel 36, ACT2)


Kuldip (ESFA)

Hi all,

Please see a note from the ILR team saying that the codes are viewable in the ILR specification 21/22: 

Destination and progression codes, along with all codes where there is a specific type, are now listed under the relevant type. This removes the need for long lists of codes, which should improve usability. It also allows for future systematic improvements, which could lead to providers and software writers being able to extract the codes for use and display in their MI systems.

We will continue to publish separate excel spreadsheets for LDM and DAM code lists, and the Appendices code lists for 2021 to 2022. We will add any updates to both the documents and the online version. To find these, go to the appendices page ILR Specification: Appendices, validation rules, and schema ILR 2021 to 2022

The ILR team are keen to get feedback on how the list of codes are displayed. Please feel free to leave comments below or contact with your feedback and we'll pass it on to them.

Martin West

Now we know that we can work with it but why do we have to lookup type to get the codes as it would make it difficult for an API to pick that up.