Martyn Wright




Does anybody know the difference between LearnAimRef_92 and LearnAimRef_89? The error description "The Learning aim reference is not valid in the LARS database for this Funding model for this teaching year" is the same.

I had some LearnAimRef_89 errors which disappeared last week. However, I still have some LearnAimRef_92 errors. I checked the ESFA errors reference document and this error is not listed.




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Martin West

For Apprenticeships 89 excludes restarts but 92 does not.

Zaheer Patel

Hello, what is the easiest or best way to clear this error. I have had quite a few 'LearnAimRef_89' pop up.

Zaheer Patel

Hello All,

Just a follow-up on this as I have identified that these errors are referring to learners who have been on programme for a lengthy period, either on suspension or returned from a suspension and still have the 'Legacy' functional skills within their component aims. 

Some of them have completed the aim in 2020-2021 and has been marked as achieved too. But they are still showing as an error.

1. How do you remove the error for those who are still on programme but achieved the 'Legacy' aims within the correct period.

2. How do you withdraw and add a new learning aim (reformed) for a learner who is currently on suspension?