Katherine Lee

Learner transferring to new provider - early leaver impact?


We have a learner whose employer has decided to transfer them to another provider, the learner's leave date with us is within 6 weeks of their start date, we have coded the reason for leaving as moving to another provider.  Does this class as an early leaver for us or not as they are within the 42 day qualifying period?  


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Yes, if their Actual End Date is less than 42 days after their Start date, they'll be excluded from your statistics (regardless of withdrawal reason, actually)

Katherine Lee

Perfect, thank you.  It may be a silly question, but can it go ahead as a transfer if we take them back to a date within 42 days of start?


I don't get what you mean?

The Actual End Date has to be the last time you taught them. Depending precisely on the dates, I think you might be due the first month of money (which the new provider would have to take off their price). I don't get what you think would stop the learner moving to another provider (I'm trying very hard not to use the word "transfer" as that kind of means moving courses within the same provider)?

Katherine Lee

we have taken the learner back to start which is the last day of learning that we can evidence so we won't get any funding, we also need to process this in R13, but by doing this, the employer has told us they will lose the employer incentives that they would have got if we had a later end date  when they move to the new provider.  Not sure we can do anything about this though?

Martin West

As the learner is not counted as a start they would be a new start with the new employer, and they would be entitled to the employer incentives.