Yvonne Quinn




Does anyone know why I have this error in both the R01 and R13 ILRS.  I haven't had this before and the EPA is generally the same one.

Thanks in advance


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Martin West

Are you sure you have the correct EPAO as this error indicates it is not listed for the Standard?

Yvonne Quinn

Hi Martin

Yes, it has always been the same EPA016 for Pearsons and the error wasn't there in the R12 and the data hasn't been changed

Martin West

Yes but for what Standard?

Yvonne Quinn

It is for all of the standards that we put through them.  Customer service practitioner and specialist, Business Admin, Team leader and operation manager.  An R01 ILR was run on 25th and 27th August and they weren't showing on that, but the one today has lots.

Martin West

Should be EPA0016 (7 digits)

Yvonne Quinn

That is what we have... here is an example EPAOrgID=EPA0016|StdCode=196|LearnPlanEndDate=04/03/2021|

Martin West

I would report this to the service desk as it looks like an issue in the validation rules code.

Christina Marfleet

We are having the same, and have reported it to the service desk

Richard Phipps

I've had this error yesterday too for EPA Organisations that are clearly listed on the two spreadsheets the ESFA provide for standards and EPA Organisations.