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Error Message - A learner must not have more than one prior attainment record on the same date,

After uploading the file on FIS 2122 the above error message has appeared and I've checked the learners details and there is only one prior attainment record. 




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Jackie Danks

We are getting this error as well

Valda Simms

It's good to know, I'm not the only one.


We have the same errors here, around 63 errors related to this.  The first thing I noticed was that, the "Date applies from" on ILR defaulted to "01/08/2021", which was not matching the original start date entered originally entered at point of data entry: very strange as we do not know why...

I started to go through each single learner affected by this error by changing the "Date applies from" to the latest date entered on ILR and this seems to be working for me as I am just few errors away to have our R01 resolved.

I thought I should share this with you and hope this helps.


Valda Simms

Glad, I too only have a few learners with this error and the field value for a couple of them is DateLevelApp=10/09/2019, so it's also picking up changes made nearly two yeares ago as well, I've found the relevant learners details on the XML file but still not sure how to clear the error.



Hello Valda,

Now you have identified the relevant learners affected, you need to log onto your MIS and look up for the prior attainment field, then under the  "Date applies from" field, change that date to reflect the 'Start date date' of the learning aim - please note that if a learner is a continuing learner with multiple learning aims, then you need to use the most recent/latest 'Start date' to complete the "Date applies from" field.

 Here we use Learner Track MIS, not sure which MIS you are using, but look up for that field.

I hope this helps as this is the only way I managed to clear these errors.


Valda Simms

Hi Helene, 

Thanks for the information I will try this and see if that clears the errors.