Louise Green

Traineeship Reconciliation Reporting



We need to be able to reconcile the Traineeship money coming in from ESFA, but i cannot seem to find a report on the regular downloads which details which learners we have been paid for?

Apologies if this is a really daft question - I am new to this! Any direction on where to find this information each month would be very much welcomed.



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Gill Knight

Hi Louise

With apprenticeships we have a zip file of spreadsheets that are available following submission which has one called Apps Indicative Earnings report which gives you an indication per learner how much you will receive. In the Period End reports zip file which is available following the close of that period then there is another report for apprenticeships called Apps Monthly Payment report which are the actual amounts. Do you get similar reports for Traineeships? Hope that helps. 


Louise Green

Hello Gill,

No, that's the problem. I cannot find a similar report to the Apprenticeship one by learner for Traineeships. 

It does seem odd that there isn't one! So it makes me think that I am looking in the wrong place... any advice welcome! 


Christina Marfleet

We've only ever found the Main Occupancy report that shows the traineeship learners on, but never anything in the Period end reports.