Dave Williams

Traineeship employer incentive


Hi All was just wondering are any employers reporting issues to the providers about not being able to claim the Traineeship Employer Incentive because the Gov web site says info doesn't match and when you check the ILR export it does ?


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Yes, we have had this with multiple employers, our ILR is correct and matches the data the employer is providing them but doesn't allow them to claim. When I've followed up with the help desk they usually resolve it almost immediately and have informed me that their systems hadn't been updated!

Martin Outlaw

We have had a problem with this too, the error indicates that the ULN or delivery location postcode is not correct, so you check the ILR and it is. It has turned out that the head office details the employer is putting in do not match the EDRS record for the ERN being used.  

Donna Dickman

Hi - I am having the same issue, has anyone managed to rectify this yet?

Thank you


Matthew Rogers

We continue to experience issues with this. It doesn't looks good on us when it appears we haven't 1) submitted or 2) submitted incorrectly when clearly it's a system issue.