Martyn Wright

16-19 tuition fund



Does anybody know how you report learners claiming the 16-19 tuition fund to the ESFA? I have looked through the provider support manual but cannot find anything relating to it. The only document I have is:






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NLM code 21 against the learner for 21/22 academic year, per V3 changes to the ILR Spec

ILR Specification: Attribute field: National learner monitoring - GOV.UK (

(also, to be pedantic (moi?), it's learners who you have supported through the funds you have received from the Tuition Fund, they're not claiming it in-year, it's lagged like everything else)

No way of flagging them in the ILR for 20/21, I'd advise a spreadsheet and I'm only slightly kidding...

Martyn Wright

Thanks Steve, that's really helpful.



Chris Roberts

Good afternoon

Is there any way learners can be recorded in the ILR for 21/22?

I cant see anything in the ILR spec for the new year.