Kay Mellanby

Change of employer just before Gateway



We have a learner who is potentially leaving her employer to start with a new employer just before gateway.

However the new employer and job role is completely different to her current role and is not related to her apprenticeship. She does, however wish to complete the EPA element to gain the qualification.

My question is - can her new employer support with the EPA despite not being related to her apprenticeship or can we request her previous employer to support?

Any advice/info would be appreciated as I can't find this answered within the funding rules.


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Martin West

The short answer is no for the obvious reason that the new employer cannot support the current Apprenticeship if they will be doing a different job with them.

Kay Mellanby

Thanks Martin

Kelly Knights

Really? What if they have completed all learning as Kay does mention they are close to completing.

Martin West

Hi Kelly,

The Apprentice must be employed under an Apprenticeship Agreement for the standard until the end-point assessment is completed, the only exception is redundancy where the Provider takes on the employer role.