Linnea Clarke

Apprenticeship Progression with FS still required at L2



What do you do when a learner has completed their L2 apprenticeship, then progresses onto their L3 apprenticeship, requires their L2 FS still - but we claimed all of the FS funding on the L2 apprenticeship.

Do we reclaim the whole FS again, or do I need to put it as no funding, or a proportion of funding due to RPL? (so just claim whatever learning is left and evidence it?)

Thank you


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Martin West

This is covered in the two notes in the ILR Specifications for this field, but no specific guidance is given in the PSM for this scenario.

This field should be completed with the proportion of this learning aim that is still to be delivered where the learner is not undertaking the full scope of the learning aim because of prior learning.

If you are delivering all of the learning for this aim and no adjustment to funding is required, this field must not be returned.

In practice if you are delivering all of the learning for the aim (timetables/planned) as per a learner with no prior learning then no adjustment to funding is required.