Crystal Hon

Working in England 50% of the time Log


Hello FE Community, 

Wanted to know what everyone has been doing to prove that a learner has spent 50% of their working hours in England.

We are wondering what evidence we need to collect to provide the ESFA should they ask for it. 

Thank you!


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A statement from the employer in the Commitment Statement saying the App will work more than 50% in England should usually suffice, particularly where it's very obviously 100% (ie they only work in one building and it's in England).

If you've got edge cases (or border cases!), depends how easy it is? Someone working in Mold two days every week and Chester three days every week, I'd probably add it somewhere in the Commitment Statement? It's people with random schedules where it gets more complicated, but even then, I think I'd go for an average rather than trying to count every hour? I  know there were jokes several years ago about train staff on the West Coast mainline and what counts as being in Scotland/what happens if there's a delay etc, but I've never *heard* of an auditor getting too het up about it, if the *plan* is the job should be mainly in England...

Kelly Knights

We've also added a question onto our enrolment form.