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Delivery Postcode Location - Distance Learning


HI all 

Can anyone advise what postcode should be entered for distance learning courses?

Is it the postcode of the learners home address or the postcode of the delivery centre for the provider?

I cant see anything in the guidance regarding this issue. 



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It's on the ILR Spec:

ILR Specification: Field: Delivery Location Postcode (

  • Where provision is delivered away from a learning centre, for example distance or e-learning, the following code should be entered: ZZ99 9ZZ

NB This means you don't get any Area Cost Uplift if it's AEB-funded.


Chris Roberts

Much appreciated Steve. 

Chris Roberts

Does the disadvantage uplift not come from the learners home postcode though?


Disadvantage is home postcode, yes (and you still get that!), but those in London and the South East get Area Cost uplift based on delivery postcode as well!

Chris Roberts

That's good to know then as its just the delivery postcode we have coded in wrong. So hopefully it wont effect the financials.