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R107, 'Learner destination and progression record' is missing. You must return the 'learner destination and progression' record within two months of the 'learning actual end date'. Make sure the 'learner destination and progression' information is included within two months of the 'learning actual end date'.


There is a learner destination and progression record done – Collection date 01/05/2021 and Date Start is 02/05/2021

FM70 – Learning Aim Z0007874 Achievement date 30/04/2021- planned end date for this learning aid is 24/03/2021.

FM10 - Learning Aim Z0002122 - learner also completed a non-accredited course and achieved 22/07/2012 - the planned end is 22/07/2021 

So how I see it, is the learning actual end date is 22/07/2021.

What am I doing wrong to get this error.



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Ibrahim Mayat


You need to submit a destination and progression record after (and within 2 months of) the last period of learning/course; in this case after 22/7/21.

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Valda Simms

Thanks Ibrahim for the information, I will update the learner's details accordingly.