Mike Smith

21_22 T Level R130 error


Our ILR has produced the R130 error for our T Level programmes, which reads, "For T Level programme learning aims, planned learning hours and Planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours must not be returned".

We currently are not returning any hours at all, and have even checked the planning of our T Level aims, and are not returning anything.

Does anyone have any idea how we would clear this please?


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Martin West

The field should be not returned for T level delivery, are you sure your MI system is not including a 0 or null field.


This looks like it's picking the hours up at learner level? Depending on your MIS, will depend where it generates/stores them?

Mike Smith

Thank you both for pointing me in the direction you mentioned. I have spoken with our resident MIS expert, did some digging around, and found a solution. Many thanks!

Ruth Canham-James

If you're using ProSolution, that's a known bug and they have a patch for it.

Mike Smith

Thank you Ruth. We shall be updating Pro Solutions, as this is what we use, after the R14 and enrolments, so hopefully a patch will help to keep this issue automatically at bay. It does appear that the previous advice did work, but would be good to have a permanent fix.