Melissa Haase

20% OTJ hours


Hi - I'd like to see if anybody has come across this scenario before please and what the situation was. If we have an apprentice that needed to do 600 hours as a minimum 20% of their OTJ hours over the planned duration of their practical period, however, they didn't complete it within the planned end date but continued passed their planned end date and 3 months after their planned end date they had achieved 620 hours of OTJ. Would this still count as a valid apprenticeship as they have accumulated the 20% (and more) of their planned practical period or do we need to view the 20% hours including the extra 3 months that they were on programme so recalculate and increase the 20% by the extra 3 months?


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Jessica De Melo

I queried this with ESFA and they confirmed it must be 20% of the new duration.

Melanie Aspinall

Jessica De Melo really? I would have thought that it should be just 600. Just because the learner has gone beyond their PED shouldn't mean that they need to revise the planned hours. I would have thought that the 620 actual would have been okay.

Martin West

The ESFA should read their own funding rules

See the section in the funding rules ‘Planned hours agreed at the beginning of the programme versus actual hours delivered’ from page 16 to 18.


Yeah, been the case since May '17 that we don't extend the OTJ calc for learners that go on past planned end... 

Ruth Canham-James

Jessica De Melo I would definitely report that response back to ESFA. They need to stop that helpdesk person repeating wrong information.