Sophie Lampert

AEB funded courses for own staff


Do you know if, as training providers, we are able to use AEB funding to deliver training to our own staff? I can't find anything saying otherwise...?


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Hi Sophie

It's treated the same as any other "Learning in the Workplace" so paras 148/149 (V2 21/22 Rules) apply, although I notice they are "under review"... So basically, if it's during work time/in work, it has to be Legal Entitlement stuff.

If a staff member happens to be doing a course outside of work hours, that's definitely fine.

Ruth Canham-James

I always say, for our staff to claim AEB funding (other than English, maths and First Full Levels), the course has to be;

  • Not in work time
  • Not something we've insisted they do
  • Not managed via our CPD process

That about covers it. That upsets HR/L&D, as they want to record at their end ALL the courses our staff do, to make the CPD look good. I have been really hard over on this though, to make sure we're following the rules. If we're counting it as CPD, it's Workplace, and not funded. We do have a lot of staff who do small courses in their own time and off their own bat.

Sophie Lampert

Hi Ruth & Steve,


Thank you both - the above has been really helpful!