Andrea Scotti

Co-Investment for 19+


We need to collect payment from some of our employers for the co-investment cost for 19+ apprentices.  Due to the training cost and EPA cost being split, can I ask if other providers, when collecting the 5% co-investment, raise 2 invoices - one purely for 5% of the training cost (TNP1) and then an invoice later on when the learner is ready to sit their EPA for the 5% co-investment of TNP2?  Or can we raise one invoice for the full amount of 5% of TNP 1 and TNP2?  MTIA


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Martin West

You can either invoice when co-investment is indicated in the funding reports or collect it upfront or during the period of training. As funding payments are split between 80% monthly and 20% for completion this may not be the same as the training and EPA payments.

There is no set way to do this but the collecting the co-investment upfront with a single invoice and payment is the simplest.