Gaynor Hunt

EPA due - Apprentice left employment


If an apprentice leaves their employment after reaching Gateway (2 weeks before EPA is booked) can we still allow them to complete the EPA without finding new employment, seeing as they get 30 days grace to find new employment?



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Martin West

There is no 30 day grace period you misinterpret the change in the 20/21 rule

P276.2 When employment or an apprenticeship agreement has ended (resignation, dismissal or any other action by the apprentice or the employer that results in the apprenticeship agreement ending, with the exception of redundancy) and new employment hasn’t commenced within 30 days, you must manage this using a withdrawal to ensure funds are not paid when the apprentice is not employed, in line with rules P325 to P327.

The current rules are clear:

P76 If an apprentice becomes unemployed or self-employed, they will at that point no longer be eligible for funding and you must report them as having withdrawn from the apprenticeship on the ILR. If the apprentice has been made redundant, see paragraph P77.

P158 The apprentice must be employed until the end-point assessment is completed. The only exception is where the apprentice has been made redundant and we are funding the apprenticeship to completion. Consideration must be given to the potential time needed for any re-sit and / or re-training prior to re-taking the end-point assessment so the apprentice remains employed during this time.


Gaynor Hunt

Thanks Martin, I have read the rules already.  I just find them a little contradictory and wanted a second opinion.  I interpret 276.2 as they have 30 days to find employment before we have to report them as a withdrawal.


Kelly Knights

Martin is correct but I also interpret the rules like you.

Although based on examples we have had we generally withdrawal the apprentice as they dont find a job within the 30 days.