Jane Clements



After a bit of advice please.

When can an Employer transfer the apprentices  ie under what circumstance.

Does the ESFA need to be informed of the change?

Is it a normal type of practice within the industry


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Martin West

An employer can change the learning provider if they wish to do so, the actions to take are covered in the Employer funding rules:

Action to take where the employer selects a different main provider where the apprenticeship remains the same.

E311 Both the employer and new main provider must:

E311.1 negotiate a new price, as set out in these funding rules. If funded by a transfer, both the sending and receiving employers will need to agree the new apprenticeship in the apprenticeship service; and

E311.2 update the apprenticeship service with the new price, new main provider and effective date.

E311.3 If funded via reserved funds you must contact the apprenticeship service support desk.

Effect on funding

Funding from an employer’s apprenticeship service account or government-employer co-investment to the first main provider stops. Payments due to the first main provider are reconciled. Funding from an employer’s apprenticeship service account or government co-investment for the second programme is made to the new main provider. The funding band cap and minimum duration will apply to the total cost across both main providers.

The co-investment rate for the apprenticeship will remain at the rate in force at the time it started.

The employer continues to receive additional payments. The original main provider retains any additional payments already made. Any remaining main provider additional payments not paid to the original main provider can be paid to the new main provider.

The number of days in learning with the first main provider are added to the days in learning with the new main provider to calculate when payments are due.


Mala Rajput

Hi Martin

regarding the new apprentice agreement and employer contract:
1 does the training provider state the balance remaining as the new price?
2 how is that calculated - is it actual or based on max funding

3 or can we state state Max/Negotiated - pro rata of the time remaining

hope my questions make sense :-(