Rachel Jobes

Non Levy Limit


Hi All

I'm aware of there being a limit of 10 to Non Levy employers - is that 10 learners at any one time or is it 10 new learners each year?




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Liam Ryan

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that it's 10 reservations in the 21/22 Funding Year. If you had reservations that were before 1st April (when it was reset) and those apprentices are still live then they will not impact on your 21/22 limit.



Ray Davies

This is my understanding also. And if you put in incorrect details and have to start again or make a "fake" one whilst showing staff how to do it that also counts, so beware !

Rachel Jobes

Thanks, I guess my perspective was can they use another 10 next year for a second cohort if that ramps up their total to 20.