Chris Roberts

AIM Reporting in the ILR (R14)


Good afternoon can anyone help with an aim reporting query in the ILR for R14 on 16-19?

If a learner that has 4 aims for a study programme, do all the aims need reporting in the ILR before hard close?

Employability -achieved

Maths - achieved

English - achieved

Enrichment - non started as learner left before they got to point of the aim being opened.

I have been told by a colleague that if the learner didn't get the point of an aim being opened, the aim doesn't need reporting in the ILR. However wouldn't this give a skewed QAR on the final return?  




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Martin West

You only report aims in the ILR where the learner has undertaken at least one episode of learning, so you would not include it, it makes no difference to the QAR.

Philip Dawe

Hi Chris,

Best thing to do would be to read the Funding rules and ILR Guidance doc to determine if the aim/hours should be removed.

I would not expect there to be aims for enrichment that would affect the QAR - not having started them may affect what you claim as eep hours for the Study prog though which might have a funding band implication.




Yeah, any withdrawal that doesn't reach the qualifying period is excluded from the QAR anyway, so makes no odds to the QAR if you include the non-start or not. Personally I wouldn't.