Sue Wise

Calculating 20% OTJ for learners working less hours in winter


Hi, could anyone please provide clarity (and/or a calculation) on how to calculate 20% OTJ for learners who work full-time during Summer and part-time (or not at all) during Winter.  

I have tried a couple of calculations but can't get to an end result so any help would be really appreciated.

A learner works:

- 36hours per week from April-Oct (30wks, 4days / 7months) 

- 14hours per week from Nov-Mar (21wks, 4days / 5months)

Annual holiday entitlement is 28days pro rata

They are to attend a 56week / 12month programme.

If anyone can provide guidance please let me know.

Many thanks.




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Martin West

You use the average normal working hours over the year (52 weeks) and as this will be less than 30 hours per week you will need to extend the minimum duration.


Martin West

See the example from the OTJ Guidance

  1. Where the apprentice is working part time (15 hours) and requires the full content (no prior learning recognised) – 12 month (52 weeks) typical duration:

                                For part-time working first use the formula in the apprenticeship funding rules to extend the length of the programme. You can do this in either weeks or months, whichever is easier.

                                12 x 30/average weekly hours = new minimum duration (months) or

                                52 x 30/average weekly hours = new minimum duration (in weeks)

                               52 weeks x 30/average weekly hours = new duration in weeks

                               52 weeks x 30/15 = 104 weeks duration

                                                Then follow the standard formula used in example 1.

                                (X weeks (minus statutory leave) x Y hours) x 0.2

104 weeks (minus 11.2 weeks for statutory annual leave) = 92.8 weeks

92.8 weeks x 15 hours = 1,392 hours

1,392 hours x 0.2 (minimum 20% off-the-job training) = 278.4 hours

Therefore to satisfy the apprenticeship funding rules at least 278.4 hours’ worth of off-the-job training content must be delivered to the apprentice over 24 months (104 weeks). This equates to an average of 3 hours per week x 92.8 weeks.


Note: the same total amount of training is being delivered as in example 1 but over a longer time period due to the apprentice working part-time.

Sue Wise

Thanks Martin, that's great thanks so much. I was using the calculation for the extending the programme length but missing the calculation for OTJ for some reason.  I appreciate your help and I can finally get these calculations sorted.