Garry Welborn

Apps and AEB at the same time



Are there any situations where a learner could be enrolled to an Apprenticeship and to an AEB (FM35) learning aim at the same time, or is this a definite no no?


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Martin West

Covered in the AEB rules

We will not fund

78.3. end-point assessment outside of apprenticeship standards, which is subject to Ofqual external quality assurance and regulated as a qualification

78.4. any part of any learner’s learning aim or programme that duplicates provision they have received from any other source

78.5. training through ESFA funded AEB, where a learner is undertaking or planning to undertake an apprenticeship and where that training will:

78.5.1 replicate vocational and other learning aims covered by the apprenticeship standard or framework, including English and maths

78.5.2 offer career related training that conflicts with the apprenticeship aims

78.5.3 be taking place during the apprentices working hours. Where an apprentice has more than one job, working hours refers to the hours of the job the apprenticeship is linked to


If the learning aim is unrelated to the Apprenticeship and takes place outside of work hours then it could be funded depending on normal eligibility rules.