Matthew Satchell

Returned Learner, now withdrawn with no new learning



I have been made aware of an error in our ILR data.


 One of our apprentices went on a Break in Learning in July 2020. They were recorded as returning in December 2020 but I have been advised now that no learning took place after the return. We would need to withdraw this learner back to the date that the original break in learning started.


 We currently have the original aims set as Completion Status “6” and Outcome as “3”. The new aims are currently set as Completion Status “1” and Outcome not completed.


 Please can you advise what would have to be done to withdraw her back to her last date in learning. Would we be able to remove the new aims and change the status of the original aims to “3” (Withdrawn) or would this create orphan records, also what year would her withdrawal fall into, as if we take back to her original start of BIL date she will fall into 20-21, but if we use the return from BIL date it would be 21-22.


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Martin West

Remove the restarted Programme and aims from your 2020/21 ILR or mark them as “no ILR” before R14 and do not carry the learner over to 2021/22.

Matthew Satchell

Thanks Martin, I will do as you have advised.