Andrea Scotti

Apprenticeship without government funding


If a learner is ineligible for government funding to do an apprenticeship due to not meetng the eligibility criteria can a training provider, as an act of goodwill, deliver the apprenticeship standard to the learner and the employer still pay the learner the apprenticeship NMW for their age?  MTIA


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Martin West

Yes you can deliver a non-government funded Apprenticeship, this would normally be full cost provision (FM 99) funded by the employer, delivery must be in line with the requirements for an English Apprenticeship as defined by the ACT and must be reported in the ILR to enable it to be certified.

As this is still an English Apprenticeship as defined by the ACT then Apprenticeship minimum wage rates would still apply.

It would be an Audit issue if this was funded in any way from your ESFA income as an act of goodwill as you must be able to evidence that you have used another source of funding other than your ESFA funding to fund the Apprenticeship this could be full cost from the employer or from any other source other than the Apprentice.