Sarah Wartnaby

Learner - No first name - ILR help


Morning All, 

We have a learner who has no legal first name and this has been further evidenced by Identification. My question is how do we input this into the ILR as the ILR is asking for a first name? I have looked at the ILR spec and can't find any that indicates what we should do in this circumstance. 

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Ruth Canham-James

We have students with no surname most years, and we enter a hyphen. It's not ideal, but we have no other choice sometimes (ESFA did agree that was an acceptable solution with us some years ago). You could ask them to pick a name they want to use as a forename in College, and I would do that in some cases. If the student is on a student visa we're not allowed, as our data has to match the passport for UKBA reasons.


I think previous advice has just been to put the same name in both fields? Bit of a bodge (and you'll have to think about how it might affect other things like exam board registration), but I can't really think of another solution?

Martin West

For British passport purposes the following applies.

9.1 Where an applicant has just one name either on their birth certificate or by change of name deed, this should be shown in the surname field with ‘XXX’ shown in the forename field.

This would enable the ILR to pass validation but do not know if this is acceptable to the ESFA