Tracy Bennett

Apprenticeship Service Bulk Upload


Has anyone else lost the ability to bulk upload apprentices to the Apprenticeship Service? 


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Chris Bennett

I still have the option, a link to Upload apprentice(s) using a CSV file underneath the list of learners.

Have noticed however that where an employer has given us permission to create a cohort on their behalf, you don't get the upload option straight away, after selecting the employer you are presented with the 'manual entry' screen.

You only need to enter a first and last name to get past this, so pop anything in those boxes, you can then delete that dummy learner on the next screen and access the CSV upload link.

Tracy Bennett

@Chris Bennett, thank you!  I was going to start manually entering our learners today if I hadn't had a response from the help desk, so would have discovered this eventually.  I'm sure we haven't had to add a dummer learner in the past.