Privately funded apprenticeships



I'm in need of some help with this one as I haven't had this request before.

I have a large levy payer that I'm working with. They'd like all of their employees to do the same apprenticeship with us though a few are in Ireland and Scotland. They're willing to pay privately for those not eligible for funding.

I know that there can be privately funded apprentices but I'm not so sure if outside of the UK is ok or not. Is there any reason why this couldn't happen providing they're funding it privately?




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Martin West

See Post here


Thanks Martin. I'd seen this post when I was originally searching for clarification so I'd thought that it was ok.

That is, until I reached the point of putting the details into PICS ready for our ILR return and found that it won't let me enter an Ireland postcode so I can't get past the first steps. Made me worry that I'd misunderstood the rules so I'm relieved that I hadn't but I'm still a bit stuck with it.

Has anybody else had this and how did you get past it?