Ruth Canham-James

Partial Achievement


I know the Outcome 2 - Partial achievement is only for HE, but I don't know what to code the other fields. I can't find any guidance anywhere, and can't even work it out from the validation rules. If a student quits halfway through a two year HND, and achieves an HNC, the Outcome will be 2, but what is the Completion Status and the grade? We're assuming nothing for the grade, but is this still a Withdrawal or is it a Completion?


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Melanie Aspinall

I would lean towards a withdrawal as the student had enrolled on a HND and has quit the course. Tricky one.


Does... does it matter? It's not going into QAR and the HESA fields are what drives their data on it (learner would be "completed the year" in their parlance, if I remember correctly?)

I'd also lean towards withdrawal for in-house comparisons to FE courses...

Ruth Canham-James

I'm happy with Withdrawal, but I'm glad it's not just me that thinks it's not obvious!

Yes, HE Completion Status would be Completed.