Jessica Sanderson

Levy Employer Provider LDM 356



I am currently working through the Data for R14 and have noted the LDM for own employees isn't being used. We are a Levy Employer Provider and wondered if the code isn't needed or just simply missing and needs adding. I emailed the ESFA but nothing as yet so thought I would ask.





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Martin West

Yes you should include it as per the guidance in the technical guide:

66. If you are delivering apprenticeships to your own staff, you do not need to record any co-investment payments on the ILR. In these cases, please record the Learning and Delivery Monitoring (LDM) code 356 (‘Apprenticeship being delivered to own employees’).


Yes, because if you don't, the funding reports will generate employer contributions if you run out of Levy...

Jessica Sanderson

Thank you Martin West and Steveh that's what I thought too but just wanted to check. Working for Employer Providers is new to me.....


Jessica Sanderson

Just another quick one - i am only able to add for anything 1/8/20 to 21/7/21? ie if they started before 20/21 i cannot go back and add if they arent live?


As long as they're in your R14 you can add it.

As I mentioned, it only becomes a real issue if you've run out of Levy at any point, check the Employer Contributions report in the Period End Reports to see if it's happened (I'm guessing probably not). Mind you, if it had happened to any completers, you wouldn't have generated their completion payment, so hopefully that would have been noticed!?

Jessica Sanderson

Hi Steveh,

We are quite a large Levy provider so its unlikely and I dare say it would have been noted before now. I will go in and add it - thank you again :) Have a great day.