Dean Cox

Additional Learning Support (ALS) Funding Timing


Hello! Our understanding is that additional learning support should be evidenced monthly if it is being provided, and the funding claims should be monitored throughout to stop and start again where necessary. What are the timings with ALS for funding purposes, is it the last day of the month, in which case if support is evidenced within a month a claim should be for the first to the last day of the month? Any clarification would be appreciated to ensure we aren't under or over claiming. Thanks.


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Martin West

It’s the last day of the month if the from to dates are over a month if you record learning support against a learning aim in the ILR, you will earn a fixed monthly rate of £150

If you plan to deliver the learning aim in less than one calendar month, you must claim the value of the learning support as if it were all excess, using the EAS.