Sue Solomons

Qualification Achievement Report


When a learner goes on a BIL are they counted as a leaver as far as QAR goes?  We had to put learners on hold and I fear it has affected the overall QAR.  Presumably there isn't an option to amend the original aim sequence with the update that they've completed?


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Martin West

BIL are excluded from the QAR excepting where they have not returned within the two year period

Sue Solomons

Thanks Martin.  With that info in mind I've still got a discrepency between the QAR and my data.  We're a very small provision so every little helps - is there anyone I can talk to in more detail about this?

Martin West

If you give an example I will try to explain it.

Sue Solomons

So completion status of 1, and outcome 8 - does that affect QAR?

Is the QAR Affected by just the main aim or component aims as well?

If component aim is counted, does partial achievement count towards QAR?

Is a learner who is made redundant still counted as a leaver on QAR?

Martin West

  1. No, as they are recorded as continuing until the completion status is updated.
  2. Apprenticeship Programme aim only used in the QAR
  3. Components aims excluded for Apprenticeship QAR, but partial achievement is only valid on HE aims.
  4. Yes