Mike Smith

R108 Learner Destination error - cross year reporting


I have R108 errors with my R14 return which I can't seem to shift. The aims in question come from VRQs with completed dates from 31/7/21 (into early August 2021). I have created Learner Destination Records which begin from the 1/8/21 onwards (the day after completion). I initially entered the return year as 21/22, and then tried 20/21, but this has not cleared it.

Does anyone have any advice on how to clear these errors?


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Martin West

There must be a Learner Destination and Progression record (with a Start date on or after the latest actual end date) present within 2 months after latest actual end date, where funded learning aims have a Learning actual end date.

You should not have actual end dates after 31/07/21 recorded in R14.

Mike Smith

Thank you for the confirmation. After focusing the first part of the issue, I eventually found a separate issue which had been causing additional conflict, and I have now cleared the errors. Thank you.