Dan Hodgetts

EmpId_13 - "The Employer identifier is not valid"


If we don't know/cant get from EDRS the Employer ID for the ILR, I thought you could add 999999999 in the interim.

Have tried this and getting "The Employer identifier is not valid".

Any ideas ?


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Sarah Wartnaby

Morning Dan, 

We can use the temp number 999999999 for a period of around 3 months only and then a official EDRS number needs to be inputted :)

Hope this helps



Yeah, EmpID_13 specifically says 60 days after start date...

Dan Hodgetts

Im trying that temporary number but keep getting this error

What am i doing wrong! :) 

Sarah Wartnaby

Hi Dan,

The time period to allow the temporary number to be used for this learner entry has now passed, as their SD in the spreadsheet states 26/07/2021. You now need to obtain the correct ERN number relating to the employer and replace the temporary number.