Vicky Hitcham




I have a couple of learners showing in my clawback report that are 16-18years old, small employer (so no co-investment), non-levy. achieved and have the right amount of OTJ hours. For what reason could I have a clawback? and I can't actually find the clawback in any funding reports. But in the learner level FRM 36 summary report show them ? thanks 


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Martin West

If you check the 36 report clawback against the monthly payments report you will find negative amounts indicated (amount of clawback) this will be due to either a withdrawal or on completion of the practical period prior to the planned end date where the monthly payments due after the actual end date are withheld until completion of the EPA.



Vicky Hitcham

Hi, They both achieved EPA in 20/21, I can see a clawback amount one, but I don't understand why. the other there is no negative financial amounts  on the list


I also have this one, which is a very old learner on a framework and because the funding cap was dropped so much we collected additional contribution. But this one is clawing back the achievement payment, but we've collected more than enough official coinvestment

Any idea what might be up with this one please? Thanks so much