Eleanor Spence

Traineeship Work Placement


I'm struggling to understand how to record Traineeship Work Placements on the ILR.  The Provider Support Manual states:

“All traineeship work placements must be with an external employer and the employer identifier must be recorded.

The employer for work experience should be identified before the learner starts a traineeship or within four weeks of starting. A learner can be recording on the ILR as having started a traineeship even if the work experience and the employer are not yet finalised".

If the work placement employer is not yet finalised and we can't enter the placement within the aim, this creates a rule violation.  Is the answer to create a temporary internal simulated placement until the actual placement is finalised; or do we make the non-regulated aim the main aim and add the work placement aim as the main aim when its finalised?

Any guidance would be helpful as I'm talking myself round in circles as to what will generate funding and what will generate rule violations!


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Martin West

You cannot use an internal simulated placement within a Traineeship, The answer is you should not start a traineeship when you have not arranged an external work placement that can be recorded within the timescale (they can start the placement at a future date, but it must have been recoded prior to the deadline).