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R14 and QAR Queries



I'm working on our R14 data currently (employer-provider) and have identified that a number of apprentices were incorrectly recorded as a 2 and 8 in previous ILRs with a learning actual end date, when in fact, they should have been recorded as a 1 and 8 as they are either awaiting EPA results or due to sit EPA soon. I appreciate we are not supposed to change learning actual end date however is this acceptable due to a genuine admin error and prior to R14? 

Additionally, I have a query regarding QAR data - our apprentices who achieve in 21/22 with a learning actual end date of 20/21 should still impact on our 20/21 QAR? I am concerned about the length of time the EPA process can take on occasions, and wondered if there is a cut-off date for us to have recorded those achievements to ensure they count?

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Chris Bennett

If these are apprenticeship standards (FM36) then the QAR uses the hybrid end year, which is the later of the:

  • achievement year
  • planned end year of the learning aim
  • actual end year of the learning aim
  • reporting year

If the apprentice has an actual end date in 20/21 but achieves in 21/22 then they will be counted in your 21/22 QAR figures (assuming reported on time and the planned end is no later than 21/22).

Carina Pitt

Hi Chris, Thank you, that's really helpful. Yes they are apprenticeship standards. Just to clarify my understanding re QAR, if apprentice A completes their learning on 31/07/21 and then achieves their EPA on 14/09/21, they will not count in 20/21 QAR despite their learning end date? I'm concerned about the impact that could have on achieving MLP for 20/21 despite the learning having completed within the 20/21. Sorry for another question! Carina

Martin West

For standards the learning actual end date is always the last evidence last day in learning and if these learners have not completed the EPA by 01/08/2021 should be recorded in R14 as 1 and 8, if this has been incorrectly recorded in 20/21 you should correct this.

AS you can see from the following the QAR for apprenticeship standards is not based on the learning actual end date but the later of the year the EPA is completed and the planned end year.

The hybrid end year is the later of the:

a achievement year (for apprenticeship standards on funding model 36 only)

b planned end year of the learning aim

c actual end year of the learning aim

d reporting year

See the QAR guidance @:


Carina Pitt

Good morning Martin West,

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. 

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Hi Carina

Just one more thing to add, there is no MLP for 20/21, the Agency will be using a basket of measures to assess risk:

Apprenticeship training provider accountability framework 2021/2022 - GOV.UK (

Carina Pitt

Hi Steveh,

That's really helpful, thank you very much :)


Maria Reason


Could you tell me why learners awaiting EPA results are not reflecting in overall achievement rates please as this is out of our control? 


Martin West

As they may fail or withdraw from the EPA, they are not counted until they complete..