Sarah Rix

OTJ hours for apprentices returning from a break


I would appreciate any advice on how anyone else calculates OTJ hours remaining for apprentices when restarting after a break in studies where the planned end date is extended at time of restart (due to delivery patterns) and additional OPP's are therefore generated (I have read as much guidance as I can but am still unclear) e.g.

Apprentice starts on programme with 27 OPP months (37.5 hours a week), goes on a break after 7 months (leaving 20 OPP months at 20% OTJ from the original record if they returned for the same amount of time). When they return their new restart date and planned end date give 22 OPP months, which is 2 more than the original programme length, are the OTJ hours remaining based on the 20% calculation for 22 months increasing the number of OTJ's from the original calculation by 20% of the additional 2 months?

I hope that makes sense!

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Martin West

You only extend the planned end date by the duration of the BIL so that the overall duration stays the same as does the original planned hours.

Sarah Rix

Thanks Martin

I found ESFA guidance which mentioned extending the planned end dates where needed so wiht yuor response above I raised a query and have been advised of the following by ESFA;

'When the learner returns to learning, you will need to re-plan the delivery of any remaining training and/ or assessment. This may mean that the Planned end date needs to be extended beyond adding the duration of the break in learning, as the learner may need further training to catch up to their position at the start of the break; especially if the break was of a long duration.'

'The remaining duration should be based on your diagnostic assessment of the learners continuing needs to complete the programme when they return. This doesn't always mean that Planned OTJ hours need to change, as this is covered by recording the Actual OTJ hours at the programme completion.'

I replied to the above and asked what hours were to be recorded in the restart record (e.g. original total hours or based on a different calculation) and also that for anyone on a break we didn't have to record actual hours and received the following replies;

'You should return an assessed value for the Planned hours left to complete in the remainder of the programme.'  

'That's correct - where there is a BiL it is not mandatory to record Actual OTJ at the programme completion; however, you can, should you wish to, for your own future monitoring or completion records.' 

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Martin West

I don’t know who from the ESFA gave you those answers, but it is very clear in the ILR specification that the planned hours recorded are ‘For apprenticeships this field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that will be delivered to the individual apprentice over the full apprenticeship’, similarly actual hours collects the total over the full apprenticeship and should only be recorded when the apprenticeship has ended which would not be the case for a BIL.

They are correct in that there may be circumstances when you can extend the duration although in most case you would add the duration of the BIL to the planned end date to maintain the original planned duration.