Christina Marfleet

ILR updating LRS timescale Traineeship



Does anyone know the time lag between the ILR upload submission and the PLR updating?  I have done a R13 return on 05/09 and would have thought the PLR records for a learner would have updated by now. 

Instead I have just checked a learner, and the aims that have now been achieved and went up in R13 are still showing as open.  It's causing us issues where traineeship employers are trying to claim incentives but can't as the aims are still open.

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Ruth Canham-James

Short answer; I don't know.

I emailed the LRS support email about this a week ago, but I haven't yet had a reply. We've had another provider complaining we haven't withdrawn someone in our ILR, when we reported them in R13 as withdrawn. Does it really take nearly a month to update?

Ruth Canham-James

Christina Marfleet I got a reply from LRS;

"Although the R13 data has been made available to LRS, there is an issue with loading the achievements onto the PLR which our Technical Support team are currently investigating".

I still don't know how long the normal delay is, they didn't answer that bit.

Christina Marfleet

Ruth Canham-James I've just had this response


Issues with ILR data upload not being shown on PLR record after more than 30 Days


There was a problem with the ILR upload and it will be re-attempted this weekend ready for 25th October.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Records Service Desk by responding to this email or phone on 0345 602 2589. When contacting the Service Desk, please quote your case reference which is INC01.