Nadine Baister

Degree Apprenticeship RESTUDY - renegotiating costs


We have a student on an HDA, who has failed 2 out of 5 modules in year 2. The student and employer both want full years re-study, which would mean they'll go a year past the planned end date. The student could trail the 2 failed modules into year 3 - but feels this will be too much pressure on them. 

The first year was RPL'd in, so from a maximum funding band of £27k, the employer has been charged £18k. 

My question is, can we renegotiate the price with the employer to fund the entire year that will be repeated (up to the maximum of £27k)? 


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Ben James

As long as both parties agree there's no reason why you couldn't. Yes, the below states these are actions where the employer negotiates a revised cost, but the principle is the same;

Actions to take when there is a change in price where the employer negotiates a revised training or assessment cost, or the assessment cost is added after the start of the programme;

P336 Both the employer and main provider must:
    P336.1 Agree a new price.
    P336.2 Confirm the new price on the apprenticeship service. If funded by a transfer, both the sending and receiving employers will need to agree the new apprenticeship in the apprenticeship service.
    P336.3 Revise written agreements and / or the commitment statement as required.
    P337 The main provider must update the price on the ILR.

Nadine Baister

Hi Ben James 

Thanks for the reply. 

On second thought - would the years restudy be an eligible training cost? It is repeating the learning that has already been delivered .... 



Ben James

You'd need to factor the requirement for, or lack thereof, any additional learning into your negotiations with the employer when determining the price as this would be considered an eligible cost (P105.2). It would be reasonable to assume that an employer would not want to incur the cost for the repetition of modules already achieved (despite perhaps the re-achievement of those modules being a requirement for the completion of the re-taken year) but it would also be reasonable to assume there'd be additional training required on those that were not. What financial value you ascribe to these failed modules, and therefore what cost you renegotiate, is your prerogative - you just have to be able to evidence that you've accounted for this, and any prior learning, in your negotiations.