Restart after a BIL where components already achieved


Hi all,

we have a couple of scenarios where apprentices have been restarted after a break in learning but where the component has already been completed and achieved as part of the previous pre BIL record.

As part of the apprenticeship funding rules we should return all open and closed aims until the learner has exited but in this scenario the learner would have already completed and achieved prior to the new restart date so this will error in the ILR.

For example:

C/A in 19/20 on component on 30/04/2020

have restarted with a restart date of the 01/09/2020 in 20/21

If we return the C/A Component aim, this will presumably error as the 30/04/2020 is before the restart date of the 01/09/2020?


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Martin West

You do not include any completed aims when the restart after a BIL, the completed aims will still be shown (returned in the ILR) as you will continue to include the break in learning in your ILR records until either they complete or withdraws.



Hi Martin,

Thank you for this, would this make a difference If the component aim which has already been completed is the only child code attached to the ZPROG?

The ZPROG wouldnt be able to generate in to the ILR without a component, or that was my understanding anyway?

Martin West

It is not necessary to include a component aim for a restart after a BIL, but I always advise adding the non-regulated aim if all qualification aims were completed prior to the restart.