Gaynor Hunt

PDSAT 21A-214 Recording Co investment payments


Hi All
I have a handful of learners appearing on this report but cannot for the life of me see why.  

All learners are  16-18 Apprenticeship and all their employers are SME, as such the 5%co-investment has been waived.

Should I just annotate the PDSAT with this information? Worried about clawback of funds........


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Some options:

  • Are they overband (ie employer has agreed to a price over the maximum)?
  • Have they DEFINITELY got the SEM flag against them?
  • Has the funding band maximum changed since they started? PDSAT was a bit wobbly at picking up reduced bands where a learner started before the reduction applied.

But, as always, PDSAT is "are you sure?" not "this is wrong!"

Martin West

This report indicates also where the training price is over the CAP or where the SME flag was not reported at the start and for any changes to employer who were not recorded as an SME, any who continued with you under the redundancy provisions would also be reported.

Checked all mine and did not find one without an explanation as above.


Gaynor Hunt

Thanks. none of the learners are over the funding band maximum.  All employers have the SEM flag. However, these are learners that were made redundant (so coded 11) then found further employment (coded back to 10) Employers both before and after redundancy have SEM flag??