Lisa Margach

Functional Skills Query


Hi All,

We have a learner who started on a framework apprenticeship in 19/20 academic year, and when he has come in for completion we have realised that he was made exempt incorrectly, and they needed to do functional skills.  As we are now coming up to the end of the 20/21 academic year, I just want to make sure that we code the ILR correctly for this.  The learner started learning for the functional skills that were outstanding in June 2021 so we have had activity in the 20/21 academic year, but had completed all of the other aims.  Can someone please advice the best course of action, should we just start funding for the functional skills aims from June 21 (will this cause any continuance issues on reports?) and is it ok for the Functional Skill to be the last learning, as I feel like the ZPROG shouldn't have these as the last funding activity?  Many Thanks 


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Martin West

You should report the FS aims in the 20/21 ILR and if not completed then carry the programme over to 21/22. In your circumstances although it is not inline with the guidance it is all you can do but it should not cause any issues.