Karen Polybank

Additional Payments for Care Leaver


We have a 20 year old apprentice who is a care leaver.  She has already claimed her care leaver bursary on her intermediate apprenticeship. She has now started an advanced apprenticeship. Are the provider and employer still entitled to the additional payments in the 2nd apprenticeship and how do we claim this through the ILR.  Do we do this through the Learning Delivery and Monitoring (FAM) and use code 2 in the EEF section?


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Martin West

They can only claim the care leavers bursary once, see the funding rules.


Karen Polybank

Hi Martin

We are not wanting to claim the care leaver bursary, just the additional payments for the provider and the employer.

Martin West

For apprenticeships funded through Funding model 36, the Learning Delivery FAM type ‘Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding’ (EEF) should be used to indicate eligibility for additional payments.

EEF code 2

Entitlement to 16-18 apprenticeship funding where the learner is 19 or over.
Record EEF code 2 when:
  • the apprentice is restarting a programme on or after their 19th birthday and was aged 16 to 19 when they originally started.
  • the apprentice is aged 19-24 and has an EHC plan.
  • The apprentice has transferred to a new apprenticeship pathway within the same framework, was aged 16-18 at the start of the programme, and is aged 19+ when they transfer to the new pathway. This only applies when the original programme was funded through Funding model 36.

EEF code 4

Entitlement to extended funding for apprentices.
Record EEF code 4 when the apprentice has been in the care of the local authority as defined in the Funding Rules.
If an apprentice started their programme aged 18 and then is 19+ when they start one of their component aims within the programme, an EEF code is not required.
If an apprentice is recorded with the FAM type EEF due to restarting their programme, then the Restart indicator (RES) must also be recorded in the Learning Delivery FAM fields.

Karen Polybank

If we use EEF code 4 will that not claim another £1,000 for the apprentice as well?  Or will the system know the apprentice has already received the £1,000 and only pay the employer and provider.

Martin West

Why would you use EEF 4?

126. We will only pay this once per apprentice. If we have already paid the additional payment to this apprentice through another provider, we will not pay you. The apprentice will not be eligible again for the bursary if they start a further apprenticeship after having competed one and received the bursary.