Helen Wilshaw

Apprentice New Employer (ILR)


Hi, we have an Apprentice that has moved to a new Employer.  On the ILR I have entered these details in the Employement Status and it says in the guildance to add a new TNP 3 and TNP 4, it also says that a new price must be recorded.  Does this mean that I have to deduct what we have already received for this Apprentice and add the remaining amount into the TNP 3?  Thanks in advance.


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Ben James

Effectively, yes. The residual cost should reflect the cost of the remaining amount of the programme to be delivered with the new employer, i.e. if 50% of the training/programme had been delivered with Employer 1, the residual cost should reflect the remaining 50% of the training/programme to be delivered with Employer 2.


Martin West

If you need how to calculate it:

You first must establish how much funding you have drawn down for the first employer you can do this as per the following:

Original Total negotiated price (TNP1 + TNP2) X 0.8, divide this by the original duration in months this will give the monthly amount.

Multiply by the duration in months with the first employer (where in learning on the last day of the month).

Example for a 12 month programme with a negotiated price of £5000 where the employer changes after 5 months.

£5000 X 0.8 = £4000 / 12 =£ 333.33* X 5 = £1,666.66*

This will leave £3,333.33 available for the new employer or you can renegotiate the price.

If you deduct the EPA costs (TNP2) this will leave the residual training costs (TNP3)

Example £3,333.33* - TNP4 £1000 = TNP3 £2,333.33*

This works the same for levy / non-levy and SME


Helen Wilshaw

Thank you both.  As we receive monthly payment reports from the ESFA is it not just as easy to work out what we have received and deduct?

Martin West

You have to carful that you identify from the payments reports the correct amounts as this could include levy, co-investment, and payments due from the employer, it is not the total funding that you are due to receive from the levy/ESFA as this can include FS and incentive payments.

Helen Wilshaw

Good advice thanks Martin.