Stephen Jeffery

EPA Cost if EPA Not Sat


Hi All

Just your opinion please.  We have had an Apprentice who has decided they don't want to sit the EPA.  We have booked it and paid for it. Currently on the ILR the learning has finished and we coded as 2 & 8 (awaiting result) Now i appreciate we update the 8 to a 3 as Non achieved but would you also put it an Ach date to claim the EPA Funding (20%) as we have paid the cost?

If you would what date would you use the booked date?

Thought appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Martin West

Apprentices on Standards should not be coded as 2 & 8 (awaiting result) it must be 1 & 8, as the learner has not taken the EPA they have withdrawn and will not attract the completion payment.

That’s life under the funding rules.

Stephen Jeffery

Thank you Martin for the reply, you are correct I got my numbers 1,2,3,6,8 and 9 all muddled!  On the completion payment if they had sat it but failed we would be able to claim the payment?


Martin West

Yes pass or fail but its a withdrawal if they do not complete the EPA.

Stephen Jeffery

Thanks again Martin