Jamie Tunstall

Employer government incentive


Hi everyone 

we have had 2 employers contact us regards the following issue , they both have apprentices with us and they have been on programme for more than 6 months , however they have not received there government incentive for taking on a new apprentice. When they have logged onto there digital account the message they get is;

"Training provider needs to confirm they have started their apprenticeship"

Now the apprentice is on the DAS and also on the ILR and has been for 6 months ?? 


how do we confirm this other than what i said above , i have chedked on our digital account and there isnt anything on there either .


any help would be appreciated 






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Joanna Barrett

Are the apprentices triggering any DLOCKS or errors in the ILR?  Those will stop the confirmation



Jamie Tunstall

no , nothing on the reports 

Jenny Johnson

Morning we have the same issues. Employers are stating that their DAS account says they need to contact us as the training provider, as their payments have paused/stopped. But we have no DLOCK errors, we are being paid through the ILR. so i don't know what the problem is.