Simon Liversedge

Learner find service


Morning all, does anyone have any thoughts on a learner find service for AEB? I can't find anything saying you can no longer use these services but seem to recall something a while back which was against the use of such agencies. Not sure they class themselves as brokerage but they find learners on our behalf and charge us a small fee per learner. Thanks in advance


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Martin West

Looks like Brokerage to me.

It is in the subcontracting rules:

  1. In accordance with your ESFA agreement you must not enter into any agreement for brokerage.

The definition of Brokerage in the funding rules glossary ‘means the provision by a third party of services, for a fee, to source subcontractors to provide the services on behalf of the contractor’.

Simon Liversedge

This would not be providing the services/training only sourcing potential learners which we would then provide the training too. That definition reads to me like using a third party to source a subcontractor to do the delivery and then paying the broker for sourcing the subcontractor.