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5% Tolerance applied to achievement



I have a colleague who has mentioned that he is sure there is a legitimate way of reducing the number of failures on the ILR up to a tolerance of 5%.


This is something I have never heard of and to be honest cannot think of a legitimate reason why this would be allowed. I don't want to assume I'm correct, and thought I'd check to see if anyone else has heard of this and if so could you point me in the direction of the guidance.


I may learn something here?






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No, that's definitely not a thing.

Two things that might be causing the confusion:

1. you can have up to 5% of your learners not meeting English and Maths Condition of Funding without it impacting on your Study Prog allocation.

2. tolerance for AEB funding before it's clawed back has generally been around 3% (recent years notwithstanding)?

But there's never been a tolerance on fails.

Garry Welborn

Hi Steve,

I didn't think so but thanks for confirming this


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